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Online e-Commerce Shopping Cart
and Autoresponder Solutions 



I can't tell you how many times I've explained how the process of using shoppingcarts and autoresponders together for lead generation, product funnels and eventually sales. 


Are you asking these questions about shopping carts and autoresponders?

  • Why do I need a shopping cart?

The most important reason for using a shopping cart is so that you have all of your information, including customers, contacts, prospects, orders, products - well, all of your important online business information in one place. You need to know what Jamie Stockmor ordered and when she ordered? It'll be there. You need to send an email to your prospects about your new product - easy, because all of the people who have been interested in you and your products in the past will be there for you to contact.

  • What is an autoresponder?

Autoresponders are a method of sending automated emails out to people after some sort of contact at your site. For instance, if someone purchases one of your products, you set up an automatic email to go to that person thanking him or her. Then, in a few days, you may want to contact that person again to see how they liked your product, then in a few more days, maybe you want to see if he or she would be interested in becoming a member of your site.


All of these emails are set up when you create your order, you connect the order to the autoresponder and the timing of when to send the email out begins, according how you set up each email.


You can add messages and revise them as needed.


  • Should I just start with a simple newsletter service like Constant Contact?

Please take note: I highly recommend that unless you are only interested in sending a newsletter that you choose a different autoresponder than Constant Contact. It is far better to choose a service that will grow with you as your business grows. I can't tell you the number of people who come to me and say; "Kathy, I just signed up for a shoppingcart and all of my contacts are in Constant Contact, I need them in the shopping cart."


This proposes a big problem because now you need to import all of your contacts to the new service and the autoresponder service will require that you send them another opt-in message asking them to confirm that they want to be on your list. Because of people not seeing the message, not being able to recognize the service, they may not re-opt into your newsletter or whatever you are offering, and you face loosing many prospective customers that your've worked so hard to gain.

  • How much should I pay?

And now to the good news - for half of what I used to pay for my shopping cart and autoresponder, I am now getting not only the shopping cart, autoresponder, but also an affiliate module, (included), my personal support desk,  newsletter manager and much more.



Half the price, ALL the features you will need!


NetProSoft is not a complicated software, in fact you have nothing to download at all. This nifty new site is 100% web- based and contains the most essential and powerful tools to help your business grow to it's maximum potential. This is perfect for the starting out coach and online business - you can have it all.

Imagine this, from one handy control panel, you'll be managing numerous tasks that are crucial for your success. Check it out:

Your personal control panel will include:
  • Fully Featured Website Manager

  • Use to create direct response websites & membership

  •  Support Desk Manager

  •  Easy to use customer support desk for you and your visitors

  •  Newsletter Manager

  •  Email your list of customers or prospects at any time

  •  Affiliate Program Manager

  • Build your own army of affiliates who promote your services

  • Product & Customer Manager

  • Sell unlimited products directly from your website

  • Digital Product Download Protection

  • Protects your downloads

  • Ad Tracking System

  • Know which advertising is pulling best results

Now, there's simply not enough room to list all the features but, believe me, there's so much more!

Take a look --> Visit NetProSoft

  • Easy to use complete shopping cart system. Use this service when you need a complete business solution, have one product or several products to sell and you want to accept credit cards using both a merchant account and PayPal.

  • Customization features, easy to set up and maintain. This online shopping cart solution is a simple to use, easy to manage solution for your business.

  • Digital delivery for EBooks

  • Unlimited Autoresponders - need help formatting your text broadcasts and autoresponders? WordWrapMagic

  • Newsletter Broadcasting

  • Ad/revenue tracking features

  • Sales Reports

  • Create your own affiliate program and have others sell for you!

  • Remember, you need both in order for it to work! A Shopping Cart and a Merchant Account/Gateway or PayPal. I have the solutions for you - the easiest most affordable system I can find. These are the tools my clients use and I use.

  • Affordable and Powerful. Click Here to try the most cost effective and feature rich Shopping Cart system.


Need help setting up your shoppingcart account and maintaining it, please contact me by clicking here

 Using PayPal:

  • Use PayPal when you are starting out with your Internet business and when you do not have a huge catalog of products.

  • Accept credit cards and echecks online for services and products.
    This is an easy way to receive payments without paying the monthly fees of having your own Merchant Account.

  • PayPal charges per transaction rather than monthly fees as merchant accounts charge.

  • No annual commitment required.

  • No monthly, startup, or cancellation fees


When you need only an Autoresponder, I recommend AWeber Autoresponder and Newsletter Service - Works with PayPal!



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