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What is the Difference Between "Leads" and "Quality Leads"?


A “Quality Lead” is someone who is almost ready to buy.

A “Lead” is anyone who clicks your ad or website.

Did you know you can automate the screening process, by asking your prospects to complete an assessment before you need to answer a lot of questions and screen them? If you’re satisfied with their answers, you know they’re probably your ideal customer. If you’re not happy with the results of the assessment, then you should think hard before saying “Yes” to this prospect.

How Do You Create an Assessment?

There are several sources you can use to create an assessment.

Do you use a question list when contacting someone the first time?
Do you use an “in-take” form?
Do you send out a free-bee when someone gives clicks?
Do you have a questionnaire that you send out by email?
How about a fill-in form on your website?

These all can be used to automate that initial contact. And assessments can be used after the first contact to gather more information.

Who Can Use Assessments?


Anyone who would like to find more Quality Leads!

Coaches – Entrepreneurs

Intake forms, Financial Review, Relationship Analysis, Business Progress


Employee Screening – Employee Review – Skills Knowledge

Schools, Technical Schools, Colleges

Applications – academic assessments – pop quizzes – reviews for upcoming tests.

Product Sales

Direct your visitor to the correct product

Need More Inspiration?

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