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What is the Cost or Salary of Hiring an Office Assistant
the Average Salary or Cost of Partnering with a VA?

Hiring an Assistant for your office - full time:
  • Base Salary: $14.75/hr
  • Benefits: 15% of salary
  • Vacation, holiday, sick time: 13%
  • Payroll Taxes: 12%*
  • Administrative Costs: 7%** (recruiting, hiring, training, record maintenance etc.
  • Space & Equipment for in-house employee: estimated at $2,000

Annual Total: $50,250

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant:

(Don't forget, you only pay for the hours worked!)

  • Base retainer of 20 hours a month @ $45.00/hr

  • Occasional overage of hours agreed on between partners  @ $45.00/hr.

Annual Total: $12,960

Wouldn't you like to save nearly $20,000 each year to invest in your business?

VA's are independent entrepreneurs and each sets an hourly rate based on her experience. You can expect an hourly rate starting at about $30/hr and up.

* Figures are estimates from the US Chamber of Commerce

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